Specialty Printing

Step into a world where print goes beyond ink and paper – welcome to specialty printing. At Josco Printers, we harness the magic of foiling, embossing, UV coating, Spot Varnishing, Screen Printing and die punching to elevate your printed materials to exquisite levels.


Transform ordinary into extraordinary with metallic foiling. With a touch of gold, silver, or metallic hue, your designs shimmer and catch the light, leaving an unforgettable impression.


Add depth and texture to your prints through embossing. Elevate logos, images, or text to tactile masterpieces that demand attention and convey a sense of luxury.

UV Coating

UV coating for a polished finish, enhances colors, provides protection against wear and tear. 

Spot Varnishing

Similar to UV coating, spot varnishing involves applying a clear varnish to specific areas of a design, creating contrast between matte and glossy textures.

Die Punching

Custom shapes, windows, and cutouts come to life, offering a unique visual and tactile experience that sets your materials apart.

Screen Printing

While often associated with textiles, screen printing can also be used on paper. It involves pushing ink through a screen onto the paper, ideal for vibrant, bold designs.